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The PedalBox® Pro is a throttle response controller that has electronic accelerator pedals. It improves throttle response by removing delays in the accelerator, resulting in enhanced driveability. The PedalBox® Pro has five preset programs: City, Sport, Sport+, ECO and Stock. Each program offers a different level of throttle response, from more relaxed to more aggressive. The PedalBox® Pro can also be fine-tuned to the rider's individual preferences.

The PedalBox® Pro is a simple and easy-to-install device. It plugs directly into the bike's wiring harness and takes just a few minutes to connect. 

The PedalBox® Pro is a great way to improve the performance of your bike. It provides a more responsive and engaging driving experience, and it can also help you save fuel. The PedalBox® Pro is a great value for the price!

Coming Soon: PedalBox Pro for the 2024 Models.